Toronto Meditation is now online.

COVID-19 Update

Our physical location is currently closed.

We are continuing to run meditation sessions remotely via video for current members at 11am, 3pm and 6pm daily.

We are also offering our free introductions by appointment (10am or 5pm daily) by phone or online.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Stop Suppressing, Start Discarding

De-Clutter your mind

Our meditation method allows you to let go of the sources of the obstacles and burdens that are in your mind. As you empty your mind of the accumulated thoughts. you will start noticing yourself being more open and aware of the world that surrounds you. You will then find yourself able to live a life at your highest potential, full of energy, creativity and wisdom to face your life challenges.

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3 Simple Steps

1. Recall

Recall the remembered thoughts and images in my mind.

2. Reflect

Reflect on the picture in order to increase self-awareness. Become aware of your habits and attachments, becoming conscious of who you are from a greater perspective: the Universe

3. Discard

Throw away the picture (clutters) with a guided visualization. Train your brain to know that the illusion is not real and to throw it away from a perspective greater than you: the universe.


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Opened in 2003

Located in North York

Specialists in the mind

Simple method that anyone can follow

Address the root cause of stress and pain

Gain enlightenment & Realize your true mind

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Meditation Introduction for the public

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Bright meditation rooms in a peaceful setting


Our physical location is currently closed.

Our schedule has temporarily changed.

We now offer online meditation sessions at 11am, 3pm and 6pm for current members.

We are also offering our free introduction online or by phone by appointment (daily 10am or 5pm).

We are open Monday-Friday 9am-9pm and Saturday 9am-5pm.

We run sessions, individual and group, throughout the day.

All sessions are guided and include consultations.


What Our Meditators Have to Say

Erika Tchonang
Really good and amazing center. Nice energy! Thank you 😊
Simon Barber
wow what can I say..the method is really amazing.. everything is so clear now in my mind. Any one who suffers from over thinking or stress should definitely check this out!!!! thanks so much guys:)
Michael Treacy
Very simple meditation method and a wonderful staff. When I am in town visiting the Toronto Meditation Center feels like being with family.

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Our Location

Our centre is located in the heart of North York. Easy access from Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Markham.

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Our physical location is currently closed and as such our hours have changed. We are running online meditation sessions for current members at 11am, 3pm and 6pm.

Monday - Friday: 9am - 9pm

Saturday: 9am - 5pm

Sunday: by appointment


33 Everingham Court, North York, ON M2M 2J6