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Toronto Meditation opened in North York in 2003. We use a unique meditation method that is curretly being used in more than 340 locations in 41 countries.

Toronto meditation is the only meditation centre in Toronto specializing in the mind featuring a comprehensive, easy-to-follow program to change human mind to the mind of the world. Our mission is to help people to realize their true self which in turn will lead to a happy, successful, meaningful, purposeful and healthy life.This program is so simple that everyone can follow it even children as young as 8 years old and even people in their 70s, 80s and 90s.

Mental health is a “positive sense of well-being, capacity to enjoy life and deal with challenges and is key to our well-being” (CMHA Ontario). We know just how important mental health is and it starts with the mind!

Human mind is the accumulated pictures (copies) of the life lived and from inside these pictures are tens of thousands of thoughts and this is stress and pain. So, the root cause of stress and pain is human mind. The mind of the world is the original mind. When you recover your original mind, then you can be happy, free and in comfort always.

This meditation is causing a worldwide sensation because it not only addresses the root cause of suffering and pain, human mind, but also offers a simple and life changing method to become happy and free. As you learn to reflect back on your life lived and let go of the thoughts, you become free.

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Stop Suppressing, Start Discarding

De-Clutter your mind

Our meditation method allows you to let go of the sources of the obstacles and burdens that are in your mind. As you empty your mind of the accumulated thoughts. you will start noticing yourself being more open and aware of the world that surrounds you. You will then find yourself able to live a life at your highest potential, full of energy, creativity and wisdom to face your life challenges.

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3 Simple Steps

1. Recall

Recall the remembered thoughts and images in my mind.

2. Reflect

Reflect on the picture in order to increase self-awareness. Become aware of your habits and attachments, becoming conscious of who you are from a greater perspective: the Universe

3. Discard

Throw away the picture (clutters) with a guided visualization. Train your brain to know that the illusion is not real and to throw it away from a perspective greater than you: the universe.


Video Introduction

What Our Meditators Have to Say

Billy S.
Toronto, ON

After doing this meditation, everything changed in my life. All the worries and meaningless habits washed away like a miracle. The instructors were friendly and helped me out and the place is so pretty just to visit.

Perth, Australia

What really attracted me to this meditation, was the idea of emptying the mind. I feel more confident and open with people, and there is a feeling of hope and purpose for the future. True freedom begins in the mind, and slowly I am becoming more and more free.

Perth, Australia

After starting this meditation, my life drastically changed for the better. I just became happier and happier. You can learn to do it even when you are at work. Before I would get stressed, but now I am in control of my mind.

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Our centre is located in the heart of North York. Easy access from Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Markham.

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