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Cliff Hiking

Our Mission

The way to the truth

The truth is an eternal and unchanging existence. It is also a living existence. People call this truth God, Buddha and Allah, etc.
You cannot see this existence and cannot find this existence because you live inside your own mind world - you cannot see nor find what belongs to the true world.

Truth and the true world must exist within your mind at all times, and you must live in the true world now. Only what exists within you exists. What you don't have inside your mind now doesn't exist.
True happiness and peace exist in this true world. It is the world where you live eternally.

To find the truth and live in the true world, you need to cleanse your mind with patience. The way to cleanse the mind is what we teach and guide you.

Lighten The Mind: Free 45m Meditation

Mon - Fri 3pm and 10pm & Saturday 3pm
via Zoom

Our mind effects every aspect of our lives and taming the beast has proven to be difficult time and time again.
You will be guided through a form of meditation that's super simple and easy to follow. It's designed in a way that allows you to let go, leaving you feeling lighter and rested as worries disappear from the mind.

Join us every Tuesday & Saturday for a free online guided meditation event via Zoom.

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Lotus Pose

A study of 473 first-time meditators

found, after 3 months:

97.7% Reported a Reduction in Stress 

93.0% Experienced Relief From Worries and Anxiety

91.6% Reported Diminished Anger and Irritation

94.0% Felt Noticeably Happier, With Their Minds At Ease

83.1% Witnessed Improvement In Health Conditions

92.1% Perceived Their Minds To Be Empty And Clear